Dear Students

I just wanna say WOW … and alhamdulillah 🙂

Mind of Mine

I have shared things related to my occupation. How I hate things here and so on. I think it would be unfair if I don’t share what I love about this occupation. You know, frankly I said, I love my classes. There are always different things from time to time and from class to class. Now I’m gonna talk about one of them. This semester, I teach ESP for IT Students. Haha..
It’s a distinguish class, I can say. Full of joy and laugh, though sometimes I still question myself, “what are they laugh for?”, no problem, It loads of fun, anyway. hahahahahaha…
Here, in this blog, I’d like to keep my promise to students in that class.

check this out guys..

  1. Edwin 80 (24 correct answers)
  2. Agam 81.3 (24.5 correct answers)
  3. Agung 78.3 (23.5 correct answers)
  4. Wulan 75 (22.5 correct answers)

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